TIP! Teaching music

Teaching Music is an innovative new portal to help you reflect and improve your knowledge, understanding and skills in music education. It is your space to access information, reflect on your practice, connect with others and contribute your own resources. Teaching Music is available to all those involved in music education: teachers, community musicians, senior management and policy makers. Teaching Music is funded by the TDA and managed by National Association of Music Educators (NAME) and Music Education Council (MEC).


Uit de handleiding op de site:

The Market Place
This is where you can browse resources and find lots of useful stuff.The site is full of resources created by other teachers and organisations. Each resource can be a mix of text, pictures, video, audio, downloads and links. You can also leave your own comment on any resource – so feel free to ask questions, suggest improvements or recommend things – we are all here to learn from each other.

My Library
When you find a resource you can add it to your own personal library on your page. Your library is visible to other  members so it helps you recommend things and share what you find. You can also add private notes to items you add in your library – so you can remember why it was so memorable in the first place!!!

As well as leaving comments on resources and other peoples pages you can also take part in forum discussion or start your own. This is a great way to discuss hot topics, or find out more about a subject. You can also add discussions to your library for handy reference.

Share your own stuff
Teaching Music is all about sharing knowledge and experience so we want you to share yours. You can create your own resources from your page. Don’t worry about the technology we’ve made it very simple for anyone to do. Read our Resource guidelines to get you started.


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