Leren musiceren, boeken uit Canada

Hieronder een paar van de boeken die je kunt bestellen via http://www.patria.org/arcana/arcbooks.html.

A Sound Education. 100 Exercises in Listening and Soundmaking

This book will be useful to every teacher concerned with improving the listening skills of children and young people. The exercises could serve as a foundation for music but they are intended to have a broader application than this. In today’s noisy world it is more important than ever for whole populations to begin to listen more carefully and critically. Here are exercises dealing with soundmaking and listening, gradually leading on towards the designing of soundscapes, both personal and public. 


This little book consisting of seventy-five exercises in listening and creating music, is related to A Sound Education, but here the exercises are more directly concerned with music-making and creation. Music composition still remains the missing element in most music education programs. HearSing is not a course in composition but it provides some basic sound materials and suggests a way of joining them that could lead to original creative work.

The thinking ear: on music education

book jacketThirty years ago Schafer began publishing a series of pamphlets on music education that quickly established his reputation as an original thinker in the field. The constant theme in these writings is musical creativity: a second theme is the relationship of music to the acoustic environment. Frequently the writings also illustrate bridges from music to the other arts. These pamphlets have remained popular; they have been translated into several languages and have become influential texts for music educators in many countries. The five original texts are included in this volume: The Composer in the Classroom. Ear Cleaning, The New Soundscape, When Words Sing and The Rhinoceros in the Classroom. Bu  what makes this collection unique is the addition of all the more recent writings, hitherto uncollected, including essays on subjects as diverse as the building of sound sculptures and the training of a community choir. This is the only accurate and definitive collection of Schafer’s writings on music education. It belongs in the library of every contemporary music teacher. Teachers of movement, drama and language arts will also find this collection full of stimulating cross references to their own arts.


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