Europese verenigingen (en projecten) muziekeducatie

In dit bericht verwijzingen naar: the European Association for Music in Schools, meNet music education network, AEC Europese associatie voor conservatoria en muziekscholen en het Polifonia project.

European Association for Music in Schools

The European Association for Music in Schools is a music education network. It brings together all those concerned with music education to share and exchange knowledge and experience in professional fields and to advocate for high quality music education accessible to all. We provide a forum for teachers, teacher educators, students, researchers, artists and policy makers working in school related music education in Europe.

meNet, Music Education Network

meNet is a COMENIUS-3-Network funded by the European Commission’s Programme SOKRATES-COMENIUS. 26 institutions from 11 countries are working as active partners, about 90 institutions from 23 countries are associated partners of the network.

meNet collects, compiles and disseminates in many different ways knowledge about music education in schools and music teacher training in Europe. It aims at building a profound and sustainable network for music education. Project duration: October 2006 – September 2009

AEC, Europese associatie voor conservatoria en muziekscholen

The AEC is a European cultural and educational network, which was established in 1953. It represents the interests of institutions that are concerned with training for the music profession. Today, the AEC includes 273 member institutions in 55 countries.

Polifonia project, thema netwerk Erasmus

‘Polifonia’ studied various issues related to professional music training at the European level. The network, which was the biggest European project on professional music training to date, involved more than 60 institutions in the field of music training and the music profession in 30 European countries. It was jointly co-ordinated by the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and the European Association of Conservatoires (AEC). ‘Polifonia’ was supported by the ERASMUS Networks programme of the European Union and ran until 1 October 2010.


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