Making more of music, an evaluation of music in schools 2005-08

Rapport gevonden via de Teacher Training Resource Bank: Het rapport is via de site te downloaden. Onder de korte beschrijving van het rapport een aantal interessante websites over muziekonderwijs die in het rapport genoemd zijn.

This report from Ofsted is drawn from evidence garnered chiefly during inspections between 2005 and 2008 from mainstream schools including 84 primary schools and 95 secondary schools. The report is structured into two sections; the first section (Part A) centres on inspection findings, and the second part (Part B) outlines what it sees as “the essential components of effective teaching in music”. Both Part A and Part B of the report include illustrative case studies.

Interessante websites genoemd in het rapport:

The Key Stage 2 Music CPD Programme website contains information on continuing professional development for instrumental teachers, classroom teachers and community musicians providing whole-class instrumental and vocal tuition (Wider Opportunities). The work is funded by the DCSF and provided by Trinity College, London, and the Open University;

The Teaching Music website is funded by the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA); it is managed by the National Association of Music Educators (NAME) and the Music Education Council (MEC). It aims to help all those involved in music education to reflect and improve their knowledge, understanding and skills in music education;

Sing Up is the Music Manifesto’s national singing programme for primary-aged children in England;

The Music Manifesto was developed by the previous Department for Education and Skills and DCMS in collaboration with music organisations, arts practitioners and a variety of organisations and other government departments and agencies;

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