Conferentie muziekeducatie, Duitsland

Weimar, 28 april – 1 mei 2011.

New Music for New Audiences, under this motto the European Composers’ Forum initiates the first special issue of the ARTMUSFAIR network conferences, named artmusfair.EDUCATION 2011, as part of the XII. Weimar Spring Festival of Contemporary Music. German and European actors and experts from the music scene (composers, musicians, etc.) and music education (teachers, university lecturers, audience developers, etc.) are invited to join together in the three-day networking conference from 28 April until 01 May 2011 in Weimar to take part in round tables, workshops, project presentations and concerts, to update each other on their skills, experiences and different backgrounds to consequently forward the important field of teaching contemporary music in a modern education context.

Experience proves – in the field of music education, contemporary music puts a special challenge to theory and practice, and we are convinced that living composers should to play a central role in today’s teaching concepts: “composers to touch” so to speak! Starting in Kindergarten and continuing through to Generation 50+. This is precisely the focus of the artmusfair.EDUCATION output envisaged in Weimar!

Whether for a composer, music trainer, music teacher, university lecturer, festival manager, music promoter or audience developer, artmusfair.EDUCATION in Weimar aims at presenting the newest and international approaches in contemporary music education and learning and is designed to give exciting insights into the latest developments.

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