Digital Pill, online lessen van professionele muzikanten biedt toegang tot video’s met muzieklessen van professionele muzikanten, voor saxofoon, gitaar, percussie, accordeon, klarinet, songwriting, trompet. Ter illustratie, voor saxofoon zijn de volgende lessen opgenomen: long notes (Dean Hilson), chromatic warmup (Anton Delecca), stratospheric sax gliss (Dean Hilson), microtones (Tony Hicks), bebop scales (Paul Williamson), buzzing on the mouthpiece (Leo Dale) en tuning the registers (Leo Dale).

De ondertitel van de site is ‘Working musicians talking about their lives’. Hieronder een citaat met een korte toelichting op dit thema:

“The musicians on Digital Pill are not waiting to be discovered, they have discovered themselves and go about doing their job of telling people what they have discovered through their music. Digital Pill is about these musicians; its about their music and about the stories of their lives because, call me crazy, but I reckon that YOU may just want to know about THEM and what they are up to.

You’ll notice that with each post there are a set of links – the musicians website, their work on iTunes, CDs or perhaps the music lesson they are giving in PDF format. Go and check these people out and listen to the incredible music they make.”

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