Marsalis on music

Prachtig lesmateriaal van Wynton Marsalis over jazzmuziek. In Amerika te bestellen als set van 4 DVD’s. Helaas niet verkrijgbaar met Nederlandse ondertiteling. Maar: een aantal fragmenten is wel met Nederlandse ondertiteling te bekijken via YouTube. Hieronder eerst een beschrijving van de DVD’s. Helemaal onderaan verwijzingen naar beschikbare fragmenten op YouTube.

Bron: (hier is de DVD-box ook te bestellen)

Wynton Marsalis is a strong and respected voice in music education.  A 16-time Grammy Award winner, Mr. Marsalis is universally recognized as the world’s leading jazz and classical trumpeter.

USA Today said of the series “Marsalis On Music is a thrilling, four-part seminar of music appreciation…Comparisons to Leonard Bernstein’s famed Young People’s Concerts are appropriate.”

Marsalis On Music presents students with a thorough and engaging look at musical fundamentals including:

  • Rhythm – when there’s no rhythm, there’s no music
  • Form and Style – the great composers did have a plan!
  • Musical language and manners – how musicians communicate
  • Tackling the Practice Monster…and much, much more

A detailed series chapter summary booklet has a DVD-ROM function that allows reprinting the booklet. The DVDs feature live student audiences at Tanglewood.

Why Toes Tap:
By the end of this video, you will know the answer! Using 2 versions of The Nutcracker (Tchaikovsky’s original, and Duke Ellington’s jazz arrangement), Wynton demonstrates how composers use rhythms to express a wide variety of emotions. With words as simple as “No motion, no rhythm; no rhythm, no music”, Wynton teaches us to swing with the music.
Performers: Seiji Ozawa, conductor; The Wynton Marsalis Jazz Orchestra; The Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra.

Listening for Clues:
What does it take to enjoy a long piece of music? Wynton Marsalis says, “Learn structure and form, and music unfolds like a story”. He then shows us how to identify different forms, moving effortlessly from Prokofiev to Gershwin, Ellington, and Ives.
Performers: Seiji Ozawa, conductor; The Wynton Marsalis Jazz Orchestra; The Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra.

From Sousa to Satchmo:
Did jazz just happen, or is it part of an older tradition? Wynton Marsalis shows how Sousa’s European-style orchestra was transformed into an American band. Once ragtime and raggin’ changed its beat, collective improvisation turned it into New Orleans jazz. Rousing performances of Sousa, Joplin, and Armstrong demonstrate this evolution.
Performers: Seiji Ozawa, conductor; The Liberty Brass Band with Eric Reed, piano; The Tanglewood Music Center Wind Band with Mark Inouye, cornet.

Tackling the Monster:
Does anyone like to practice? Wynton calls it “the large monster”. Even the great cellist Yo-Yo Ma confesses he hates it. Fortunately, Wynton has a strategy for slaying this monster. With the help of Yo-Yo, he shows young musicians how to practice new or difficult pieces. Together they play a thrilling jazz improvisation and then finish with a swinging duet of Ellington’s Mood Indigo.
Performers: Yo-Yo Ma, cello; The Wynton Marsalis Jazz Trio with Randall Haywood, trumpet; The Tanglewood Music Center students: Mark Inouye, trumpet; Kari Docter, Julian Hersh, and Jennifer Morsches, cello.




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