Smartmusic, interactive music software

Smartmusic biedt online ondersteuning voor leerlingen bij het leren musiceren. Leerlingen kunnen voor 36 dollar een jaarbonnement afsluiten. Docenten kunnen voor 140 dollar per jaar gebruik maken van de materialen, zelf opdrachten aanmaken voor de eigen leerlingen en de studievoortgang van de leerlingen monitoren. Er is een nieuwe app ontwikkeld waarmee docenten via (bijv.) hun iphone ingeleverd werk van leerlingen kunnen bekijken en beoordelen. Onderstaande informatie is afkomstig van

Smartmusic for students:

Launch SmartMusic. Plug in the microphone, and start practicing. SmartMusic is ideal for woodwind, brass, percussion, string, and vocal musicians of all levels. Students play or sing their part with background accompaniment and get instant feedback on their computer.

Why SmartMusic makes learning music fun:
  • Play songs from a huge SmartMusic library.
  • Learn how your part fits with the rest of your musical group.
  • SmartMusic listens as you play, giving you instant feedback.
  • Move at your own pace and control the  tempo and key of the music.
  • Record and play back your practice sessions. Students can even send recordings of their performances to their family to demonstrate their progress.
  • Play solos and SmartMusic will listen and follow your spontaneous tempo changes.

Smartmusic for educators:

With SmartMusic you can easily:

  • Create and send assignments that students can do at home with a student subscription or with a practice room subscription at school.
  • Track, collect audio recordings, grade, and learn more about each student’s progress.
  • Create a portfolio of each student’s work to share during parent/teacher conferences.
  • Manage evolving assessment standards.

To address evolving assessment standards and accountability requirements, SmartMusic automates administrative tasks and offers solutions to provide you with more time to teach the art of making music:

  • Document proof of student achievement, making it easier to comply with stricter assessment standards and expectations.
  • Assign practice reports. SmartMusic tracks the time students spend practicing.
  • Create and share assignments with other teachers. Online assignment libraries make it easy to share ideas with colleagues in your district or state.
  • Parents can log in to view their child’s grades and listen to recordings.

Smartmusic mobile app for educators:

The SmartMusic Inbox is a free mobile app created for music educators who have a current subscription to SmartMusic interactive practice software.

The Inbox provides an alternative means to review, grade, and comment on student assignments any time, any place. Once each assignment is graded, it disappears from the Inbox.

With Inbox you can:

  • View each class by student or assignment
  • Review, grade, and comment on assignments
  • Play recordings and view screenshots
  • Add or edit points for each assignment
  • Type in comments using the keypad
  • Send emails right from your phone

The SmartMusic Inbox offers fast, convenient access to all of your ungraded assignments. Click on any assignment and the details of the assignment appear for you to grade. You can also see your student’s assessment score, review the time they spent practicing, and hear their recording. Everything you need to grade this assignment is at your fingertips.

The SmartMusic Inbox app runs on iPhone®, iPod® touch®, iPad®, and Android 2.1+ phones.

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