Online videolessen voor jazzpianisten

Via een Youtube kanaal beschikbaar: een groot aantal videolessen voor jazzpianisten, ontwikkeld door Doug McKenzie. Leerzame combinaties van beeld, geluid, bladmuziek en geschreven commentaar. Zie: Op de site van McKenzie vind je veel meer audiofiles en informatie over instructiemateriaal op DVD. Zie:

Over Doug McKenzie:

I am a (retired) teacher having taught in a jazz studies course at a tertiary college in Geelong Australia. My primary interest is to provide as much information as I can to intermediate –  advanced jazz piano students. I record the video (on a cheap webcam), audio (as an MP3 file on my computer) and as a midi file (on my Yamaha P-250 piano) all at the same time so all are in sync. Usually straight after recording, I add the comments that try to explain some of the melodic/harmonic ideas that I used. The videos are assembled later – often with transcriptions (generated from the midi file by computer – usually PowerTracks from PGmusic) and always with annotations that explain some of the techniques used. Go to my website at for free downloads of these videos. – or go to my website to buy my DVD with all the videos at high quality and extra printable transcriptions. Hitting ‘Ctrl/Shift/S’ in Windows Media Player slows the DVD videos down!

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