European perspectives on music education: new media

Het eerste deel van de reeks getiteld ‘European perspectives on music education’ is gewijd aan ‘New media in the classroom’. De uitgave (2012) is samengesteld door Marina Gall, Gerhard Sammer en Adri de Vugt en is te bestellen via de site van Helbling. De inhoudsopgave is in te zien via de site van EAS, European Association for music in Schools.

“Technology has revolutionised contemporary society, particularly in the field of music production and consumption. Powerful and flexible computer-centred composing and recording methods continue to evolve, whilst the ways in which we access and listen to music through streaming libraries, digital downloads and iPods have completely changed our engagement with, and perception of, the medium of music. Although music educators in some countries have been cautious in their responses to these innovations, it is now clear that new media have had a signifi cant infl uence upon music learning and teaching in schools and colleges.
European Perspectives on Music Education, Volume 1, presents teachers, students, researchers, and all those who are interested in music education with an overview of the position and role of new media in music education in Europe. Contributions from Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, England, Finland, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and The Netherlands offer contemporary national perspectives on music teaching in schools.”


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