Nieuwe jazzmethode van Jim Snidero

Jim Snidero, saxofonist en auteur van de zeer populaire Jazz Conception lesboeken, is de oprichter van de nieuwe Jazz Conception Company. Dit bedrijf biedt een nieuwe, innovatieve lesmethode aan over jazzimprovisatie. 

“All of our jazz instructional video courses offer state of the art, interactive technology that allows you to view examples and exercises in your key as they are being played by the instructor. Included in each course are 6-10 lessons, play alongs and written study material. Our products are subscription based, allowing us to offer incredible value. The user has one full year to study a course, with each lesson averaging about 25 minutes in length. From time to time, we change or add exercises to each course, allowing the user to work on fresh material. A one-year subscription allows unlimited streaming from any computer. If you have an Apple ipad, you can download The Jazz Conception Company app for free, then download your course. No need for an internet connection! And with our free TJCC ipad app, you can view our video lessonsand music examples wirelessly on your high definition TV with Apple TV!”

Bekijk ter oriëntatie de videotrailer:


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