Music practice guide

Dr. Sy Brandon, professor emeritus of music aan de Millersville University of Pennsylvania, is initiatiefnemer van de online ‘Music practice guide‘. Het is een document in ontwikkeling, waar lezers aanvullingen voor kunnen aanleveren. Inmiddels is al een aantal hoofdstukken ingevuld, bijv. over het belang van repeteren, de inrichting van je repetitieruimte, de planning van de repetitie en over thema’s als de warming up, toonvorming, intonatie en ritmiek. 



Musicians spend many hours in the practice room perfecting their craft, yet how many are actually taught how to practice effectively? This free guide is designed for all musicians and teachers as a compendium of ideas that I have gleaned from my teachers, by attending workshops and master classes, by talking to colleagues, and finally, through sheer necessity of needing to help a student or myself solve a problem. I extend a big thank you to all my teachers and students. The beauty of our art is that there is always something to learn.

About this Guide

This guide is divided into four main sections; preparations, focusing practice, reinforcing learning, and making practice enjoyable. The appendix contains sample practice sessions that incorporate the ideas of the main sections and are grouped according to the development level of the musician and a list of additional resources. Most of the ideas in this guide can be applied to or easily adapted for any instrument or voice. They are presented as general concepts first, and then suggestions are made regarding using the idea by different genres of instruments or voices. It is the hope of the author that these ideas will enable both the musician and teacher to spend their time more effectively, see more rapid improvement, and find more enjoyment in making music.

Permissions and Comments

Co-op Press has copyrighted this material and grants permission for anyone to share and use the ideas. Please credit Co-op Press whenever you do so and if possible, provide a link to our website. It is our idea to invite others to offer suggestions that can be included in this guide in order for it to be constantly evolving. All contributions will be acknowledged and by submitting your comments, you grant Co-op Press permission to use the comment in this guide at our discretion. Click here to submit your comments.”


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